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Heat exchanger achieves transfer efficiencies

We are able to build a heat exchanger with a very large exchanger surface on a complete wall or a roof of a building. This large heat exchanger area achieves transfer efficiencies of nearly ninety six percent between incoming and outgoing air flows.

When solar gains are available, the performance of new technology surpasses one hundred percent, which completely eliminates the use of fuel.There is no possibility of contamination between clean air flows to be heated and stale exhaust air due to the non-contact fastener design of the fasteners.

"From an environmental point of view, this technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by seventy five percent to one hundred percent compared to current fossil fuel heating technologies.

New technology is currently patent pending. We are considering an expansion of its intellectual property internationally, wherever there is a need for hot air, whether for heating buildings, industrial processes or hot air dryers.

When facing south, their overall yield even exceeds one hundred percent in sunshine. In total, it reduces the thermal energy consumption of a commercial or light industrial building by up to eighty percent, with a mode of operation adapted to all the conditions of the year.