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Pay attention to the purchase of PET plastic bottles

When we are buying PET plastic bottles, sometimes the internal quality of a product determines whether the later finished packaging is qualified and discarded. For different volume of PET bottles, when we buy PET plastic bottles, sometimes the quality of a product determines whether our finished products are qualified or scrapped. The height, wall thickness, weight, volume error and center point thickness of PET bottles for different volumes are standard. 1, a good PET plastic bottle is first and clean, transparent, and the thickness of each section is uniform. 2, the overall design of the structure to make the bottle body erect, center after production center, 3 foot wall thickness, plastic bottle processing, mold products should be resorted to without hard neck, crooked mouth, mouth cleft, pits, fog and hard ring defects. The above three points are from the design, mold, process three points. Every link can not be wrong, every step should be careful processing, the product came out, but also require conditions to keep the bottle does not burst, no leakage.