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The function of total heat exchanger

The only difference between sensible heat and total heat is that the sensible heat of the filter core is the heat of the aluminum core. The paper core is sensible to heat in comparison with the full heat. The sensible heat of the aluminum core is easy to wash and wash (dirty directly Rinse underwater as well as long life, resistant to extrusion.

The hot paper core corrodes the moisture and dust in the air and blocks the vents and cannot be cleaned. Lead to poor ventilation, no effect of moisture removal, the easiest way is to change the paper core.

The total heat exchanger is to make the medium with different temperatures to perform cold and heat conversion. Its function is to reach the use temperature of different media through the heat exchanger. No matter what the installation is in any position, as long as the equipment can be used, there is no limit.

During the summer operation, the fresh air receives cooling from the air-conditioning exhaust, lowers the temperature, and is dried by the air-conditioning air, which reduces the moisture content of the fresh air.

During the winter season, the fresh air receives heat from the air conditioning room and the temperature rises. At the same time, the fresh air is humidified by the air conditioning room exhaust.