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How to save the energy consumption of hot and cold systems?

The difference between total heat and sensible heat is the effect on humidity. If the humidity is not too much, select the sensible heat, and vice versa, choose the full heat fresh air ventilator.

The total heat exchanger is an energy-saving device for air conditioning exhaust energy recovery. The main components are the outer shell, the heat exchanger core and the filter.

Since the material of the heat exchange core is made of a heat- and heat-transmission material, when used in an air-conditioning system, it is possible to utilize the pre-cooling and drying of the fresh air in the summer, and to humidify the fresh air in the winter, so that the new wind load is significantly reduced, thereby saving The energy consumption of hot and cold systems is very beneficial for small-scale systems, saving operating expenses and reducing peak power consumption.

The total heat exchange efficiency and the structural characteristics of the heat exchange core are related to the air volume, the air volume ratio of the two air streams passing through the core, and the air intake parameters.

In general, more heat exchangers are used in the south and sensible heat exchangers are more in the northern regions.