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Heat exchangers directly affect the bathing effect

The core component of a water heater is a heat exchanger. The role of the heat exchanger is to quickly and efficiently exchange the heat generated by combustion of the gas to the water. The cold water absorbs heat when flowing through the water pipe in the heat exchanger and becomes hot water for users to use.The good and bad heat exchangers directly affect the bathing effect and the heat conversion efficiency, and the heat conversion efficiency directly affects the gas cost. In the short term, you may not care much about the cost of gas. However, in the long term, the use of high-efficiency heat exchangers will save a lot of gas costs in a few years.

In addition to the high thermal conductivity requirements of heat exchangers, because the heat exchanger is often in the hot and cold alternately, but also often contact with tap water and smoke, which requires its material must have a good resistance Thermal shock properties and resistance to corrosion.

To meet these properties, the best quality material is silver, but copper is an economical choice compared to silver, which is too expensive. The chemical stability of copper is high. The corrosion resistance is about 10 times that of steel. Tap water is sterilized with liquid chlorine, and the steel is easily corroded by chloride ions. The corrosion resistance of copper in general heating water is higher than that of steel. In addition, when copper comes into contact with water, copper ions can kill or suppress bacteria in the water.

According to water heater related practitioners, in addition to materials, in the manufacturing process of heat exchangers, the welding process of copper is currently the most mature in the world and its ductility is also good. When the water heater is working, the water pipes need to be constantly bent, the copper pipes are not easy to crack, and the stainless steel is more easily cracked and leaks. The current welding process of stainless steel is not yet mature, the welding process is relatively simple, and the spot welding is used.