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Plate Heat Exchangers - Maintaining Their Efficiency

The first and the foremost reason of why plate heat exchangers are better than any other heat exchangers is that it uses the latest technology in its design. With its long years of service to the industrial sector, DHP has been the first and the foremost Heat exchanger company in Korea since its inception in 1978. However, today it outshines other companies in the world of heat exchangers because it outshines all other companies in the technological field. Not only does DHP offer economical heat exchangers but also the best quality in the industry.

Another reason why the plate heat exchanger company is better than the others is because of its wide range of products. There are different types of heat exchangers ranging from the ones that are used for the residential sector to the heavy duty industrial units. There are also different varieties that come with different specifications and functions. The manufacturer of the Heat exchangers keeps in mind the various needs and demands of the market when designing the products hence they have an extensive product range and are able to meet all the requirements of their customers.

When designing the Heat exchanger plates, Korean companies pay more attention to the quality of the plates and other components. They pay more attention to the overall quality and they do not compromise on the quality of the plates or other components in order to make the product more competitive. When it comes to making a product with a compact structure, Korean companies are far ahead of others because they make use of the compact structure to make the product cost effective. This is mainly because of the fact that they do not have to use complex processes in making their plate heat exchanger but they can get the results according to their customers' needs and wants. They are able to make changes according to the customer's specifications without having to make modifications to the design.

Most of the companies have a dedicated team of engineers that work on improving the efficiency of the products. They test each unit before making it available for the public and they ensure that there are no manufacturing defects with the products. In order to ensure that the heating plate is maintained well, they have to maintain the cleaning steps on an on-going basis. They have to clean the exchanger at least once in every month and they have to maintain cleaning steps on an ongoing basis so that there is no build up of dirt and grease in the system. With plate heat exchanger cleaning steps, you need to follow certain procedures in order to avoid clogging of the system.

You will have to clean the plate by removing all debris and dust from the heat transfer area and you have to remove any clogs from the vents in the compact structure and from the outlet valves. You can use a wire brush in brushing away any excess dirt. After cleaning, you have to clean the plate carefully by soaking it in water and wiping it with a wet cloth. You have to check for any cracks or corrosion around the plate and you have to replace it if found.

After cleaning and maintaining the plate, you need to reconnect the venting and then you should run fresh water through it. The fresh water will ensure that there is no build up of dirt in the system. This will also help you in improving the efficiency of the unit. When your plate heat exchanger company prepares and cleans the system, they will be adding a little bit of baking soda to it. This will help in improving the flow rate of the heat exchange and you can expect your hot water to be hotter than before.