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How a heat pump evaporator works

What is a heat pump evaporator? How does a heat pump evaporator work? , Many people will ask questions about the working principle of the heat pump evaporator, how about the heat pump evaporator, etc. Kang Jinghui compiled the knowledge about the heat pump evaporator and provided it to everyone.

The main reason for using heat pump evaporators is the zero discharge of industrial wastewater and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness. In addition, the increase in the cost of subcontracting wastewater treatment has led more and more companies to choose relatively low-cost, energy-saving and consumption-reducing heat pump evaporators. device.
Heat pump evaporation means that the secondary steam evaporated from the evaporator is compressed by a compressor, and its pressure is increased to make its saturation temperature exceed the boiling point of the solution, and then sent back to the heating chamber of the evaporator as heating steam. This evaporation method is Heat pump evaporates.
To put it bluntly, the heat pump evaporator is a new type of evaporator, also known as a thermal compression evaporator. The evaporation method is to compress the secondary steam from the evaporator to a higher pressure by a compressor or turbine, and then circulate it. Use to make up the heat of evaporation to reduce the consumption of steam.
The working principle of the heat pump evaporator is composed of two parts: a heat pump part and a feed liquid evaporation concentrator. The heat pump part is composed of a heat pump compressor, a heat pump condenser and a heat pump evaporator. After the machine or heat pump system is heated up and boosted, it enters the heat pump condenser, releases heat and condenses in the heat pump condenser tube, and then enters the heat pump evaporator.
There are more and more cases of heat pump evaporators using heat pump evaporators. If you want to know more, you can directly leave a message for consultation.