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How does the plate heat exchanger use mechanical methods to remove the scale layer

The mechanical cleaning technology of the plate heat exchanger is usually used to remove the dirt on the shell side. First, the tube bundle is taken out, immersed in different liquids to make the dirt soft and loose, and then the scale layer is removed by mechanical methods.

1) Use abrasive grains. Solid particles are added to the fluid to rub the surface of the heat exchanger to remove dirt, but it is prone to corrosion on the surface of the heat exchanger.

2) Continuous descaling with sponge rubber ball. It is mainly used to remove dirt on the cooling water side of the condenser of the power station. The sponge rubber balls are pumped and circulated in the heat exchanger tube. The rubber balls are slightly larger than the diameter of the pipe. Each rubber ball passing through the pipe slightly presses the pipe wall. Erase deposits during movement.

3) Automatic scrubbing. The heat exchanger pipe scrubbing facility is composed of 2 outer covers and 1 nylon brush. The outer covers are installed at both ends of each tube. Changing the direction of the water flow can make the brushes move forward and backward along the pipe for scrubbing. Reversing the water flow can push the brush forward along the pipe to scrub. The water flow reversal is driven by compressed air and the four-way valve connected to the pipeline is controlled regularly to complete.