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What are the reasons for the dislocation of the plate heat exchanger

Generally speaking, there are many reasons for the dislocation of the plate heat exchanger, or it is long-term use, multi-pass combination, and the flow and pressure of the medium also vary greatly. At this time, the plate heat exchanger cannot withstand the pressure. Yes, therefore, this problem has to be resolved in time.

First of all, we must understand the specific reasons that cause the plate heat exchanger plates to be misaligned, and then solve the problem symptomatically.

The damaged plates and the leaking plates can be extracted in pairs. If the number is not too much, the number of reduced flow channels is not much, and the continued use after assembly will not have a great impact on production. This means that the equipment cannot be replaced on site and the equipment cannot be shut down. Replacement and maintenance should be carried out if conditions permit.

The gasket of the plate heat exchanger slipped away from the gasket groove. To deal with this kind of misalignment, the deformed plate and the gasket that slipped from the gasket groove should be replaced in time.

After the plates are misplaced, sometimes leakage occurs quickly; some although leakage does not occur immediately, but it is a hidden danger of leakage, so it must be dealt with in time. The equipment needs to be maintained and maintained during operation.