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Copper makes the whole heat exchanger safer and more reliable

From the production process point of view, the stainless steel heat exchanger is very difficult to process, the internal structure and welding process requirements are very high, the manufacturing process will be slightly inadvertent quality of the whole machine will be affected, the manufacturing process risk.

In contrast, the ductility and weldability of copper are much better than those of stainless steel. The ability to withstand thermal shock is also higher than that of stainless steel, making the whole machine safer and more reliable. Again, in terms of corrosion resistance, copper is actually more in line with China's national conditions. This is because China's tap water is sterilized with liquid chlorine, steel is easily attacked by chloride ions, and copper is not. Finally, from the viewpoint of material environmental protection, copper is a 100% recycled green material, while stainless steel can only be recycled as waste iron. ”

Material experts believe that the special use of gas water heaters requires the use of materials mainly consider thermal conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, since the birth of gas water heaters, the industry's production companies continue to try to use steel, magnesium, aluminum, alloys and other materials to produce heat Exchanger, the effect is not ideal.

During the development of the industry, it has repeatedly experienced price increases in copper materials and shortage of copper materials. The company has also tried many alternative solutions, but all of them ended in failure.