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Use oxygen-free copper to enhance the performance of heat exchanger

At present, the gas water heater heat exchanger made of copper materials is widely used by major brands and has withstood the test of the market and time. Some well-known and reputable brands also use oxygen-free copper to enhance the performance, life, and reliability of gas water heaters.

Oxygen-free copper refers to pure copper that does not contain oxygen and does not contain any deoxidizer residue. Oxygen-free copper has no hydrogen embrittlement, high electrical conductivity, good processing and welding performance, corrosion resistance, and low temperature performance.

In addition, there is a point that makes copper materials more suitable for the production of water heater heat exchangers. It is understood that when copper comes into contact with water, copper ions can kill or inhibit bacteria in the water.

Scientific experiments conducted by a number of world-class authorities such as the US EPA have proved that copper can kill more than 99.9% of bacteria in two hours. Copper's natural Antibacterial effect is far superior to other materials. This characteristic of copper material can reduce the growth of bacteria in the gas water heater water system, further protect consumer bath safety, and optimize the use of gas water heaters.