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The U-tube heat exchanger is convenient for inspection and cleaning

A tubular exchanger is currently the most widely used heat exchanger in chemical and alcohol production. It is mainly composed of a casing, a tube sheet, a heat exchange tube, a head, a baffle plate and the like. The required materials can be made of ordinary carbon steel, copper or stainless steel.

In the heat exchange, a fluid enters from the joint pipe of the head, flows in the pipe, and flows out from the outlet pipe at the other end of the head, which is called the pipe process; another fluid enters from the pipe of the casing, from The other joint on the casing flows out, which is called a shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

A heat exchanger having a compensation ring is a heat exchanger composed of a baffle, a compensation ring and a heat release nozzle. When the fluid is heated at a high temperature, the compensation coil is to eliminate the thermal stress because the temperature difference between the shell and the tube bundle is too large, causing different thermal expansion rates.

The U-tube heat exchanger is characterized in that the tube bundle can be freely stretched and not generated due to the temperature difference between the tubes, and the thermal compensation performance is good; the tube length is double tube, the flow is long, the flow rate is high, and the heat transfer performance is high. It is better; the pressure bearing capacity is strong; the tube bundle can be taken out from the casing, which is convenient for inspection and cleaning, and has a simple structure and a low cost. However, the cleaning in the tube is inconvenient, the tube in the middle part of the tube bundle is difficult to replace, and the bending radius of the innermost tube is not too small, and the tube is not compact in the central part of the tube sheet, so the number of tubes cannot be too much, and there is a gap in the central portion of the tube bundle, so that Shell-side fluids are prone to short circuits and affect shell-side heat transfer.