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The spiral plate heat exchanger is available in two versions

The floating head end structure of the novel floating head heat exchanger comprises a cylinder, an outer head cover side flange, a floating head tube plate, a hook ring, a floating head cover, an outer head cover, a wire hole, a steel ring and the like, and is characterized in that: on the outer cover side A concave or ladder sealing surface is arranged on the inner side of the flange, and a plurality of screws are evenly drilled and lapped or welded to the outside of the sealing surface, and the hook and the related parts are removed at the floating head, and the sealing groove of the floating head tube plate is the original concave type.

The groove and the other end face are opened with a trapezoidal groove whose center is centered on the center of the tube plate and whose radius is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the tube bundle, and the tube plate split groove is only connected with the trapezoidal groove, and is not connected to the concave groove. through.

The spiral plate heat exchanger is a heat exchanger in which two spiral channels are formed by two parallel metal plates, and heat exchange between the hot and cold fluids is performed through the spiral plate wall. The spiral plate heat exchanger is available in both detachable and non-removable versions.