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Types of heat exchangers are constantly updated with the development of new heat exchangers

With the rapid development of energy-saving technologies, there are more and more types of heat exchangers. The heat exchangers suitable for different media, different working conditions, different temperatures and different pressures have different structures and types. The development of high-efficiency heat exchangers is constantly updated

According to different classification of heat transfer methods:

1.Hybrid heat exchanger

The main working principle of this type of heat exchanger is that two mediums transfer heat to each other through contact to achieve heat transfer. The contact area directly affects the heat transfer. The medium of this type of heat exchanger is usually a gas and a liquid It is mainly a heat transfer equipment with cooling water tower equipment as the main body, but usually involves mass transfer, so it is difficult to distinguish the relationship with the tower. It is usually classified as a tower equipment. Hybrid heat exchanger.

2.Energy storage heat exchanger

The principle of this kind of heat exchanger is that after the heat medium reaches a certain temperature by heating the solid material, the cold medium is heated by the solid material, and the heat and cold are alternately made to reach the purpose of heat transfer. It is mainly used to recover and utilize the heat of high-temperature exhaust gas.

3.Partition wall heat exchanger

The principle of this type of heat exchanger is that the two mediums, cold and hot, are separated by solid partition walls and heat is exchanged through the partition walls. The amount of this type of heat exchanger is very large, accounting for 99% of the total. According to different structures, it can be divided into tube type, plate type, and other types.

Classification by heat transfer type

1. No phase change heat transfer: Generally divided into heater and cooler.

2. Phase change heat transfer: Generally divided into condenser and reboiler. The reboiler is further divided into a kettle reboiler, a siphon reboiler, a reboiler, an evaporator, a steam generator, and a waste heat boiler.

Classification by heat transfer element

1.Tube type heat transfer element

There are floating head heat exchangers, fixed tube plate heat exchangers, stuffing box heat exchangers, U-tube heat exchangers, coiled tube heat exchangers, double shell heat exchangers, single-tube heat exchangers, Casing heat exchanger, outer baffle heat exchanger, baffle rod heat exchanger, heat pipe heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger, sliding tube plate heat exchanger, etc.

2. Plate heat transfer element

There are spiral plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, plate fin heat exchangers, plate shell heat exchangers, plate evaporators, plate condensers, printed circuit board heat exchangers and so on.