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Heat exchanger fault handling

In the production process, due to the corrosion of heat exchanger tube plate affected by water erosion, cavitation and trace chemical medium, the tube plate weld leakage, resulting in water and chemical materials mixed production process, the temperature is difficult to control, resulting in the formation of other products, seriously affect the quality of products, reduce product grade.

Condenser tube plate welding leakage, usually by using the traditional method of enterprise welding repair, the tube plate is easy to produce internal stress, and it is difficult to eliminate, the other heat exchanger leakage, enterprises through pressure, repair of inspection equipment, welding, repeated experiments, 2 to 4 people take a few days to complete the repair again, the corrosion plate weld pipe using a few months later, to bring enterprise manpower, material and financial resources waste, increase production costs.

Through fushilan macromolecule composite material corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, through early protection of the new heat exchanger, so that not only the effective governance of the weld and voids new heat exchanger exist, more to avoid the use of chemical substances after corrosion of heat exchanger metal surface and the welding point, regular maintenance in the future when you can also smear fortune blue technology  composite material to protect the bare metal; even after the leakage phenomenon, also can through fushilan technology timely repair, to avoid the influence of long time production welding repair. It is because of the fine management, which makes the probability for leakage problem of heat exchanger appear greatly reduced, not only reduces the heat exchanger equipment procurement costs more to ensure the quality of products and production time, improve the competitiveness of products.https://www.forwon.com/