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Maintenance of plate heat exchanger

1, normal operation and maintenance
   ①, need to repair the equipment, should be installed in reverse order to reversethe heat exchanger.
   ②, in the oil, chemical industry, the application of equipment, maintenance intervals should be based on regular maintenance.
   ③, the equipment within the medium is explosive or corrosive medium, at least once a year should be repaired.
   ④, other industries used in the plateheat exchanger, if no leakage, the best three years to repair once.
     2, the plate cleaning
   Chemical cleaning method: the chemical solution throughthe heat exchanger, so that the surface of the dirt plate to dissolve, discharge.
   Mechanical (physical) cleaning method: according to the method of Section 8 will be opened after the brush with a brush to manually wash.
   Comprehensive cleaning method: for the dirt is harder and thicker. First with chemical method to soften the scale, and then mechanical (physical) method to remove the scale, to keep the surface clean, clean.
      Precautions when cleaning
   Ⅰ, chemical cleaning solution to maintain a certain flow rate, generally 0.8 ~ 1.2m / s. The aim is to increase the turbulence of the solution.
   Ⅱ, for different dirt should be used in different chemical cleaning fluid. In addition to the often used dilute soda solution, for the scale can be used 5% nitric acid solution. In the production of soda ash scale, can be used 5% hydrochloric acid solution, but not the use of corrosion on the plate chemical cleaning agent.
   Ⅲ, mechanical (physical) cleaning is not allowed to use carbon steel brush brush stainless steel plate, so as not to accelerate the corrosion of the plate. At the same time can not make the surface of the plate scratches, deformation and so on.
   Ⅳ, after cleaning the plate to rinse with water and dry, should be placed to prevent deformation of the plate.
   Ⅴ, chloride content of cleaning water ≤ 25ppm.
      3, plate inspection
   ①, translucent method: one side of the light source, people check on the other side.
   ②, coloring method: according to JB4730 for penetration testing.
   ③, unilateral test method:
   After the plate is assembled, the test pressure is unilateral. The other side of the board is wet and damaged.
   4, the replacement of gasket (such as gasket to avoid the need for the following pad, direct replacement can be)
   ①, will need to replace the gasket plate flat on the platform, with a flat screwdriver gently pry the gasket to be removed, and then tear off the whole gasket. Be careful not to have scratches in the gasket slot.
   ②, with acetone, butanone other ketone organic solvents, remove the gasket residue residue.
   ③, with a clean cloth or cotton yarn wipe the gasket and gasket.
   ④, the adhesive (without chloroprene ingredients) evenly coated in the gasket slot.
   Place the clean gasket in the gasket slot on the plate.
   Will be affixed to the gasket plate check one by one, remove the excess adhesive. Placed in a flat, cool, ventilated place natural dry 4 hours before installation can be used. Conditional places need to use heavy pressure on the plate.https://www.forwon.com/