What is fixed tube plate heat exchanger


Shell-and-tube heat exchangers, also known as tube-and-tube heat exchangers, are a common standard heat exchange device. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, sturdy and durable, low cost, wide material, convenient cleaning and strong adaptability, and is most widely used, and plays a leading role in heat exchange equipment. Shell and tube heat exchangers are classified into the following types according to structural characteristics.

Fixed tube plate heat exchanger

It consists of a casing, a bundle of tubes, a head, a tube sheet, a baffle plate, a nozzle, and the like. The structural feature is that the two tube sheets are respectively welded to the two ends of the shell, and the two ends of the tube bundle are fixed on the tube sheet. The whole heat exchanger is divided into two parts: the passage in the heat exchange tube and the passage between the two ends are called the tube path; the passage outside the heat exchange tube and the passage therethrough are called the shell side. The cold and hot fluids flow continuously in the tube and shell, respectively. The fluid flowing through the tube is called the tube (tube) fluid, and the fluid flowing through the shell is called the shell (shell) fluid.

If the tube fluid passes through the tube at a time, it is called a single tube. When the heat transfer area of the heat exchanger is large and the number of required pipes is large, in order to increase the flow rate of the pipe fluid, the heat exchange tubes are generally divided into several groups, so that the fluids are repeatedly reciprocated in the pipe multiple times, which is called multi-tube process. . The number of tubes can be 2, 4, 6, or 8, which is too large. Although the flow rate of the tube fluid is increased, the convective heat transfer coefficient in the tube is increased, but at the same time, the flow resistance is increased. Therefore, the number of tubes should not be too much, usually 2, the most common tube process.


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