What are the reasons for the breakdown of the plate heat exchanger


Plate heat exchangers are widely used in various fields. They are made of a series of plates. The four corners facilitate the operation of the medium. It is also the heat transfer method of plate heat exchangers that there will be plate heat exchanger plates. Chip breakdown occurs, so today Zhejiang Forwon Plate Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd will come to talk in detail about the causes of plate heat exchanger breakdown?

The reasons for plate heat exchanger breakdown are as follows:

1. Equipment Quality

The heat exchange surface of the plate heat exchanger will be relatively thin, between 0.5mm, the corrosion degree is actually 0.05mm/year, the material of the plate heat exchanger is generally stainless steel 316/304, and 304 is the cheaper austenitic stainless steel, It also has anti-corrosion effect on organic matter, but if it is used in strong acid or alkali, its corrosion resistance is much weaker. The plate heat exchanger of the air conditioner is made of 304. After about 8 years of use, the plate heat exchanger will inevitably undergo corrosion and cracking.

2. Structural issues

A filter is installed in the system, but no electronic water treatment equipment is installed, and the management system will scale. If the filter is not cleaned in time, there will be fine gravel in the circulating water. Although there is no substantial damage to the equipment, it will appear. Breakdown of the plates of the plate heat exchanger. If the filter is a Y-type filter, the impurities in the media will damage the equipment if it is not cleaned in time.



3. Maintenance issues

The gasket of the plate heat exchanger is a vulnerable component and a part that can naturally age under natural conditions. Its service life has an important impact on the life of the plate heat exchanger. If the gasket loses its elasticity and becomes hard, If it is not replaced or tightened in time, the heat exchanger will leak.

4. Cleaning issues

After a long-term operation of the nickel brazed plate heat exchanger, it must be cleaned in a timely manner. The general cleaning time is once every two years. The plate heat exchanger can be disassembled for plate cleaning, but some heat exchangers cannot be disassembled and cannot be thoroughly cleaned. As the use time increases, problems such as clogging and scaling will occur. Once the plate heat exchanger appears The increase of the flow rate will increase the friction and wear will occur, which becomes one of the reasons for the breakdown of the plate of the plate heat exchanger.


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