What are the measures to prevent fouling of plate heat exchangers


The technology of preventing fouling of plate heat exchanger should consider the following points:

1) Prevent the formation of scale;

2) Prevent the adhesion between the substances after fouling and their deposition on the heat transfer surface;

3) Remove deposits from the heat transfer surface.

Measures taken to prevent fouling include the following aspects:



Measures to be taken in the design stage

In the design stage of the plate heat exchanger, the following 6 aspects should be considered when considering potential fouling:

1) The heat exchanger is easy to clean and repair (such as plate heat exchanger);

2) After the heat exchange equipment is installed, there is no need to disassemble the equipment when cleaning the dirt, that is, it can be cleaned at the work site;

3) The dead zone and low velocity zone should be minimized;

4) The flow velocity distribution in the heat exchanger should be uniform to avoid large velocity gradients and ensure uniform temperature distribution (such as baffle area);

5) Under the premise of ensuring a reasonable pressure drop and not causing corrosion, increasing the flow rate will help reduce fouling;

6) The influence of heat exchange surface temperature on the formation of fouling should be considered.


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