What are the different types of plate heat exchanger units


Heat exchange units have the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency and low cost. In order to meet different process effects, the types of plate heat exchange units are relatively wide, and each type of plate heat exchange unit has different characteristics and technological advantages.

1. Complete plate heat exchange unit

The complete plate heat exchange unit is one of the common types of plate heat exchange units, which can be simply understood as: it can meet the installation needs of users. For the complete set of plate heat exchanger units provided by the manufacturer, you can directly contact the manufacturer in case of missing parts, eliminating the trouble of transferring to other factories and reducing the process.

The main feature of the complete heat exchange unit is the plate heat exchanger as the core element. The main advantages are:

The operation is simple and easy to use, but some models require professional heat exchange unit personnel to operate, so as to avoid blocking or power failure. The complete heat exchange unit can achieve a fully automatic process, which can be very good only through the touch screen. Management equipment system, the system interface is simple and intuitive, easy to browse.

It can be adapted to a fully automated process to realize automatic startup and shutdown, and automatic shutdown and start according to the time period.

It can be controlled remotely to realize remote communication. It can use LAN control and wireless monitoring. If there is a failure, it can send an alarm to the administrator's mobile phone, which is simple and convenient.



2. Intelligent automatic plate heat exchange unit

The intelligent fully automatic plate heat exchange unit is a widely used heat exchange equipment in the type of plate heat exchange unit. It is greatly reduced from the difficulty of operation and easy to get started; it meets the market demand for energy saving and environmental protection, and the heat exchange unit has a high degree of automation. It can ensure the safety of the operating system and greatly improve the heating efficiency during use. The basic plate heat exchange unit cannot be compared with high-efficiency heat exchange equipment.

The intelligent plate heat exchange unit is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product that integrates heat control, heat exchange system, heat scheduling, heat metering, etc., and can be modified with the process and weather. The central controller completes the intelligent control of the first, second and heating networks to achieve the balance of practical load and heat supply.

3. Steam water plate heat exchanger unit

The introduction of the third type of plate heat exchanger unit: steam water plate heat exchanger unit is a process product with water as the heat medium. After the heat exchange between steam and water, the hot water is sent to the user or the whole set of equipment for domestic water, or It is domestic hot water that can use steam as a heat source and is widely used in central heating systems. It also saves cost investment and is favored by users.

The steam water plate heat exchanger unit has the following functions: automatic water replenishment, centralized display, convenient installation, electrical protection, alarm self-defense, flow automatic control and other features, which can ensure quality and quantity.


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