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Why Forwon heat exchanger have a wide range of applications in energy field

Forwon Plate heat exchanger products have a wide range of applications in the energy field. In the refining and petrochemical industries, thermal energy is generally discharged as waste heat, and 95% of it can be recovered by plate heat exchangers and used in other processing applications. Efficient energy utilization can save up to 20% of the energy consumption of the refinery (compared to the traditional method), while greatly reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of the refinery.

Forwon Plate heat exchangers are ideal equipment for liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor heat exchange. It has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, low heat loss, compact and lightweight structure, small footprint, easy installation and cleaning, wide application, long service life and so on.

Under the same pressure loss, the heat transfer coefficient is 3-5 times higher than that of the tube heat exchanger, the floor space is one-third of the tube heat exchanger, and the heat recovery rate can be as high as 90% or more. Plate heat exchangers are widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, textile, papermaking and other industries. They are excellent equipment for heating, cooling, heat recovery, rapid sterilization and other purposes.