The practicality of plate heat exchanger


Plate heat exchangers are widely used. Currently, plate heat exchangers are used in small refrigeration (refrigeration water) equipment, and their applications are bound to expand further. This is mainly due to the plate heat exchanger has excellent heat transfer performance, small size, light weight, and the plate heat exchanger safety and reliability of continuous improvement. Overall, the practical application of good results. However, there are some problems.
The practicality of plate heat exchanger
1, plate heat exchanger has a strong heat exchange capacity (heat transfer coefficient is several times the conventional heat exchanger, heat exchange area per unit volume is large), and small size, light weight. Therefore, it has been favored by researchers and users. However, the plate heat exchanger pressure performance is poor, poor sealing performance, restricted the plate heat exchanger in engineering applications. Previously, the plate heat exchanger is mainly used for cleaner working media, the working pressure is not too high, the leakage is not too harsh, no leakage and the environment and the working medium have a greater impact on the equipment, as applied to Civil hot water system and steam hot water exchange system.
2, the use of plate heat exchanger in the direction of the current use of refrigeration equipment plate heat exchanger, mainly some small equipment, mainly imported brazed plate heat exchanger. The use of a single plate heat exchanger on the condenser and evaporator of a large chiller is theoretically feasible, but no relevant reports have been seen. In other words, people on the plate heat exchanger in the refrigeration industry to further promote the use of certain concerns, its safety and reliability and its related issues have yet to be further resolved.

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