The heat pipe elements are arranged at a certain row


The heat pipe is made of an aluminum (rolled) finned tube sealed by the inner wall with the groove sealed at both ends, and is pumped into a high vacuum to be injected into the optimal liquid working medium. The composition and proportion of the injected liquid working medium are different. KLS low temperature heat pipe heat exchanger, GRSC-A medium heat pipe heat exchanger, GRSC-B high temperature heat pipe heat exchanger.

When one end of the heat pipe is heated, the working fluid in the pipe is vaporized, and the heat of vaporization is absorbed from the heat source. After vaporization, the steam flows to the other end and the condensation heat is released to the heat dissipation zone. The condensate is refluxed by the action of capillary force and gravity, and continues to be vaporized by heat, so that the reciprocating cycle transfers a large amount of heat from the heating zone to the heat dissipation zone. The heat transfer in the heat pipe is carried out through the phase change process of the working fluid. The heat pipe elements are arranged at a certain row and column spacing, bundled in the casing of the frame, and the heating section and the heat dissipating section of the heat pipe are separated by an intermediate partition to form a heat pipe heat exchanger.

The heat pipe was invented by the United States and was originally used in aerospace technology and nuclear reactors to address uneven heating on the sun and the shady surface. It was used in civil air conditioners in the 1990s. Due to its superior thermal conductivity, it has received more and more attention. It is widely used in high-tech fields such as computers and radars.

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