The design of the heat exchanger must comply with the requirements


The design and manufacture of the heat exchanger shall comply with the requirements of the national pressure vessel. The modification and change of the drawings must be approved by the competent department, and the quality of the experience shall be acceptable.

1. When manufacturing the heat exchanger, ensure the welding quality and strictly inspect the weld.

2. When the fluid is corrosive medium, attention should be paid to improving the quality of the material and the quality of the welding, increasing the thickness of the pipe wall or adding a corrosive pre-formulation to the fluid, periodically checking the corrosion of the pipe surface and detecting the equipment susceptible to corrosion and taking effective measures.

3. When the heat exchanger is used for air tightness test, dry air, nitrogen and other inert gases must be used. It is strictly forbidden to use oxygen or flammable gas for experiment or pressure.

4. It is strictly forbidden to operate illegally and strictly enforce the operating regulations.

5. The fouling fluid can be cleaned regularly to clean the scale.

6. Strictly control the oxygen content.

The most prone to leakage of the heat exchanger is the weld head, the joint between the head and the tube sheet, the connection between the tube bundle and the tube sheet, and the flange joint. The direct cause of leakage of welded joints is poor welding quality, such as: welds are not welded, not fused, there are slag inclusions, welds are not tested for flaw detection, and even blasting experiments are not performed. Only hydraulic testing and adoption of some components are performed. Multiple cut welding causes the metallographic phase to change, the internal stress increases, and the strength is greatly reduced.

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