The concept of total heat exchange and sensible heat exchange


The amount of cold in the air conditioner regulation is divided into the apparent cooling capacity and the latent cooling capacity. The performance of the apparent cooling capacity is the drop of the dry bulb temperature. The performance of the latent cooling capacity is the drop of the wet bulb temperature or relative humidity, and the total heat and sensible heat exchangers. The use is mainly for the purpose of achieving energy conservation during air conditioning.

The energy recovery of the total heat exchanger contains sensible heat exchange energy, and there is also latent heat energy exchange, so the efficiency of the total heat exchanger is higher than the sensible heat exchanger, but in extreme conditions, the indoor humidity is high and the outdoor temperature is low , Dew condensation occurs when it is lower than the dew point temperature of indoor air.

Second, the structure difference of total heat exchanger and sensible heat exchanger

The sensible heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger. He only exchanges heat and cannot exchange humidity. The full heat exchanger can exchange heat and exchange humidity, and each has its own benefits.

The sensible heat exchanger does not noticeably dehumidify. All of the heat exchangers are dehumidified, more precisely dehumidified, and the total heat exchangers are more dehumidified. For the most fundamental functions of both, the exchange of fresh air, dehumidification is only an auxiliary function, and if dehumidification is essential, it is of course the best dehumidifier.


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