The advantages of heat exchanger's smart design


New generation of copper brazed plate heat exchanger has many functions, such as forwon's FHC012. Forwon heat exchanger uses spare parts and less energy.It's good for the environment.

Copper brazed plate heat exchanger are designed to optimize the distribution area and create a more uniform media flow across the entire plate. This eliminates the possibility of dead spots, which in turn reduces the risk of scaling.

Many Manufacturers strives to ensure reliable operations over a long life cycle. For most of our customers, heat exchangers are an important part of their processes.If their department fails, production stops and downtime can be very expensive.

The heat exchanger's smart design consists of three support points at the top of each plate and two support points at the bottom, which keep all plates in place when the package is compressed and the equipment is in operation.

This design also prevents leakage that result in accidental mistakes.Cleaning and maintenance are also easier. In addition,this design eliminates the meandering of the board when the unit is closed, making it easier to handle and prevent damage caused by the positioning of the tilt board.

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