Spiral plate heat exchanger anti - fouling treatment


    At present, the design unit or operating unit often uses dosing softening treatment, magnetization and ion bar anti-fouling treatment, sodium ion exchange treatment and other methods. In order to facilitate further understanding of these softening methods, the principles, recipes and methods of operation of these treatments are described below.
   First, the drug softening treatment
   Dosing softening treatment, with a simple method, high efficiency, good economy and do not need specialized water equipment and other characteristics, is a very practical anti-fouling water treatment methods. According to the different methods of dosing, sub-correction agent treatment and anti-scaling treatment of two.
   Second, magnetic anti-fouling treatment
   The principle of magnetization and anti-fouling treatment is the use of water molecules have the polarity, that is, water molecules are covalent combination of water molecules by the polarity and hydrogen bonds, polymerization into a two-molecule association (H2O) 2 or multi-molecular association (H2O) n. . When the water flows through the high-intensity magnetic field, the multi-molecular association of the water and the role of the ion magnetic field, the original single dispersion of the multi-ion composition of the association was broken down into a single or short bond association, they are at a certain speed vertical Cut the magnetic field lines of the external magnetic field to generate the induced current. Therefore, each ion in the same direction with the external magnetic field to establish a new magnetic field, the adjacent polar molecules with the polarity of the order of mutual compression and attraction, resulting in changes in crystallization conditions, the formation of the crystal is very loose, anti- Pressure, tensile strength is poor, and very brittle, its adhesion and adhesion is also very weak, they are not easy to attach to the heating surface to form scale.
   Third, the ion rod anti-fouling water treatment
   Ion bar anti-fouling water treatment is a new, advanced water treatment equipment. It is the United States in 1987 the patented product, Changsha York water treatment company introduced the product. In the hot water circulation system, the central air conditioning system, circulating cooling water system applications, have achieved satisfactory anti-scaling effect, is very promising new water treatment equipment, especially in the heat exchanger application, the effect will be more significant.https://www.forwon.com/

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