Plate heat exchanger using the principle of heat exchange


1, Plate heat exchanger is the working principle of the plate heat exchanger in many many very thin layer of copper stacked in different structures together, which is a layer of high temperature flow of lithium bromide solution, a layer of flow is Relatively low temperature solution, the middle plus a seal ring, hot and cold medium flow channel adjacent heat transfer fluid between the cooling fluid to achieve cooling effect.

2, Plate heat exchanger so thin copper can be better heat transfer, so as to achieve the solution of heating low temperature solution and lower temperature, can achieve a win-win effect for cooling quenching oil and other occasions.

3, To describe the popular, plate heat exchanger working principle can be understood as a multi-plate heat exchanger consisting of two relatively independent channels separately from the hot medium, through the heat transfer performance of the white plate with good thermal conductivity The heat of the hot side medium increases the heat content of the cold side medium or absorbs the heat of the hot side with the low heat content of the cold side medium so as to reduce the temperature.

4, Plate heat exchanger compared to the traditional heat exchanger equipment is not only in shape advantage, also has great advantages in the use of function to enhance: that is, so that the heat can be used twice, you can make full use of resources to achieve energy-saving The role of the former tube plate is the same principle, but the effect of heat exchange is certainly no plate heat exchanger effect is good.

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