Plate heat exchanger plate cleaning and protection of the three common methods


Mechanical (physical) cleaning method This method is to manually wash the plate with a brush, so as to achieve the purpose of removing dirt on the surface of the plate. Although this method is more direct, but more hard, thick layer of dirt, not easy to clean.
Chemical cleaning method This method is a chemical solution circulating through the heat exchanger, so that the surface of the plate dissolved and discharged. This method does not need to open the heat exchanger, simplifying the cleaning process, but also reduce the labor intensity of cleaning. As the plate corrugation can promote the intense turbulent cleaning fluid is conducive to dissolved layer, so the chemical cleaning method is the ideal method.
Integrated cleaning method for the dirt layer is relatively hard and thick situation, simply using one of the above methods are difficult to clean. Comprehensive method is to use chemical cleaning method first softening scale, and then mechanical (physical) cleaning method to remove scale, in order to keep the plate clean.

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