Main method for heat transfer enhancement of equipment


First,increase the structure of the heat transfer surface, such as

1.Using finned tube, nail head tube, threaded tube, bellows, etc.

2.Pipe surface machining: spiral ring pipe, spiral groove pipe, threaded pipe, etc.

3.Small pipe diameter pipe can increase the number of pipes on the same pipe plate area and increase the heat transfer area

Second,increase the flow rate of the fluid in the heat exchanger, which can greatly improve its heat transfer coefficient, such as:

1.Add a spoiler, such as inserting a spiral belt in the tube, and setting a baffle, a false tube, etc. outside the tube.

2.Increase the number of tubes or shells.

In addition, the use of materials with good thermal conductivity to manufacture heat exchangers, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling measures for heat exchangers, and timely cleaning of scales are all means to improve heat transfer.

What are the requirements for the number of blocked pipes when the tubular heat exchanger is overhauled?

Corrosion perforations of individual tubes of the tube bundle are allowed to be blocked with a metal plunger having a processed cone of 3 to 5°. Generally, in the same tube process, the number of blocked tubes does not exceed 10% of the total number of tubes, but according to the requirements of the process, it can be appropriately increased.

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