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The Introduction of Air Dryer Heat Exchanger

The Air Dryer Heat Exchanger is a device that transfers heat from incoming hot air to cold air. The exchanger has two main parts: an evaporator and a precooler/reheater. The latter is used to reduce the relative humidity of the outgoing air. Both of these parts are important for drying process, and they are used to improve the efficiency of the dryer.
The heat exchanger is a device used in a refrigerated air dryer or a compressed air system. This device comprises air, refrigerant, and fluid passages. The passageways are connected to each other by one or more connections. The heat exchanger includes at least two separate outflow devices for removing the excess flushing liquid.
Most air dryer heat exchangers are made of copper. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, but it is also susceptible to corrosive agents. The ZEKS CFX heat exchanger is made from 100% 304L stainless steel. The design of this heat exchanger makes it an ideal choice for compressed air dryers. The CFX heat exchanger offers low pressure drop and excellent heat transfer.
The dew point temperature of compressed air is an important factor in air drying. The lower the temperature, the less moisture it can carry. As a result, the dew point temperature of compressed air in an air dryer is much lower than the ambient temperature. When the temperature drops below the dew point, unwanted moisture condenses.
Air Dryer Heat Exchangers can be of two types: a non-cycling or cycling type. A cycling dryer uses a refrigerant as a cooling medium, while a non-cycling type uses a hot gas bypass valve to control the flow. The refrigerant-cooled dryer will be more efficient than a non-cycling model.
The effectiveness of an air dryer's heat exchanger plays a big role in the overall efficiency of the dryer. Heat exchangers in air dryers typically have a pre-cooler/reheater and a chiller section. A good pre-cooler/reheater can reduce the inlet temperature of the chiller, resulting in lower energy consumption. This is the most efficient heat transfer method for a dry air dryer.
Refrigerant air dryers are also useful for high-capacity applications. However, they are less efficient at removing moisture from the air. However, they can still achieve dew points in the range of two to three degrees Celsius. These dryers have a prefilter to remove contaminants before entering the refrigerated air section. This prefilter is installed upstream of the refrigerated air stream.

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