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The water pressure test of the heat exchanger

Why should I test the water pressure after the heat exchanger is overhauled?

The purpose of the water pressure test after the heat exchanger is overhauled is to check whether the heat exchanger has the ability to withstand the design pressure (ie, the compressive strength), the tightness, the quality of the joint or joint, the welding quality and the tightness of the sealing structure. In addition, the residual deformation of the base metal weld of the container and the pipe after compression can be observed, and the problems of the material can be found in time.

Some of the tubular heat exchangers are vertical and some are horizontal, mainly considering the following aspects:

1. Production process requirements: If some reboilers require a certain medium liquid level, if a horizontal heat exchanger is used, the liquid level height cannot be met, so a replacement heat exchanger must be selected;

2. Large-scale: If the heat exchange area of a process unit needs thousands of square meters, if you choose a horizontal heat exchanger with a heat pipe length of 6 meters, several heat exchangers may be needed, which will occupy a large area, which is not conducive to the space of the device. Arrangement, if you choose a vertical heat exchanger with a heat exchange tube length of 12 meters, one can solve the problem;

3. Reducing pressure drop: Some production processes require that the pressure drop of the medium conveying process be minimized. The replacement heat exchanger is selected and arranged side by side with the tower to shorten the connection line with the tower and reduce the pressure drop.