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What details should be paid attention to when using plate heat exchangers

What details should be paid attention to when using plate heat exchangers?

1. After unpacking the plate heat exchanger, check item by item according to the packing list. If it does not meet the requirements, the supplier shall solve it in time.

2. The plate heat exchanger is designed with lifting holes for lifting and lifting. Before lifting, please select the wire rope according to the quality indicated on the nameplate.

3. The plate heat exchanger should be placed horizontally, and should be placed in a place where there is no blockage of pipes or other equipment, so that there is about 1 meter of operating space around the equipment for easy maintenance.

4. If the outlet pressure of the plate heat exchanger pump is greater than the pressure of the equipment, please install a pressure reducing valve in the pipeline where the fluid enters the equipment.

5. If the plate heat exchanger is equipped with a pressure control valve, it should be installed on the water inlet pipe of the equipment, not at the water outlet.

6. The inlet and outlet pipes of the plate heat exchanger should be cleaned before installation to prevent sand and gravel, oil pollution, welding debris and other debris from entering the equipment to avoid internal blockage or damage to the plate.



Precautions for plate heat exchanger maintenance:

① Change the cracked or perforated plate, and use the light transmission method to find the crack on the plate.

②Adjust the operating parameters to reach the design conditions.

③The clamping size should meet the requirements when repairing and assembling the heat exchanger, not as small as possible.

④The plate data of the plate heat exchanger are reasonably matched.