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How is the bare cooling experiment of the plate heat exchanger performed

1. Bare cold

(1) After the plate heat exchanger is repaired, a bare cooling test shall be carried out, and the operation or bare cooling plan shall be carried out according to the equipment maintenance document.

(2) During the bare-cooling test, check the low-temperature deformation and compensation function of equipment, piping, valves, etc., distinguish whether there is leakage according to the frosting situation, and mark the leakage position.

2. Inspection

(1) The plate heat exchanger should be inspected after repair. It is admitted that the repair project is completed and the repair quality meets the standard. The repair project should have repair records. When the project is handed over for inspection, the construction unit should provide the handover information according to the repair content.


(2) The site should be cleaned up and cleaned up to achieve "complete work, exhaustion of materials, and clean place".

(3) Sweep the entire equipment system to make its pipeline valves barrier-free. The accessories of the equipment should be complete, the surface switching control system should be barrier-free, and the switching valve should be flexible.

(4) Load test run inspection, all policies should meet demand standards. During the inspection, the heat exchanger should be checked for leaks and abnormal noises. If no leaks, intermixing of the media, and temperature and pressure are within the allowable value, the inspection is qualified. If there is no abnormality after continuous operation for 24 hours, it can be delivered to production.