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Introduction to the plate structure of plate heat exchanger

There are four corner holes on the plate of the plate heat exchanger for the two liquids to pass through. The plate is installed in a frame with a fixed compression plate and a movable compression plate on one side, and is clamped by clamping bolts. The plate There are sealing gaskets in the surrounding grooves, which seal the fluid channels and guide the fluid to alternately flow into the respective channels to form heat exchange.

The plate and the movable pressing plate are hung on the upper guide rod and positioned by the lower guide rod, and the rod end is fixed on the support column. The fixed compression plate, movable compression plate, guide rod, bolt, nut, and front support can be collectively referred to as the frame of the plate heat exchanger.

Sandblasting cleaning of plate heat exchanger: It is to use compressed air (300~350kPa) to produce strong linear velocity through the spray gun of the sieved quartz sand (generally with a particle size of 3~5mm), flush the inner wall of the heat exchanger tube, and remove it. Remove the dirt and restore the original heat transfer characteristics of the tube.