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The U-tube heat exchanger is characterized by simple structure

The fixed tube plate heat exchanger is characterized by compact structure, simple structure and low cost. The number of tubes in the same shell diameter is the largest, the single tube is easy to replace and repair, and the inside of the tube is easy to clean, but the cleaning outside the tube is difficult, and the temperature difference between the tube and the shell is poor. The stress is large.

The U-tube heat exchanger is characterized by simple structure, no temperature difference stress problem, large fluid flow rate, low metal consumption, suitable for high temperature and high pressure fluid, and the tube bundle can be extracted for easy cleaning of the shell and tube, but the tube elbow is not easy to clean. The number of tubes on the tube tube is small, the tube spacing is large, there is a gap in the center of the tube bundle, and the fluid outside the tube is easy to go short.

The characteristics of the floating head exchanger are that the tube bundle can move freely without temperature difference stress. The tube bundle can be freely extracted, which is convenient for cleaning the outside of the tube and the tube bundle. However, the floating head structure is complicated, the cost is high, the sealing requirements at the floating head are strict, and the floating head is easy to operate. Leaked and not easy to check and find.