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Classifications of different heat exchangers

A.Classified by heat transfer type:

1. No phase change heat transfer: generally divided into heaters and coolers.

2. There is phase change heat transfer: generally divided into condenser and reboiler. The reboiler is further divided into a kettle type reboiler, a siphon type reboiler, a reboiler, an evaporator, a steam generator, and a waste heat boiler.

B.Classified by heat transfer element:

1. Tube heat transfer element

Floating head heat exchanger, fixed tube plate heat exchanger, stuffing box heat exchanger, U-tube heat exchanger, coiled tube heat exchanger, double shell heat exchanger, single casing heat exchanger, multiple Casing heat exchanger, external guide tube heat exchanger, baffle rod heat exchanger, heat pipe heat exchanger, intubation heat exchanger, sliding tube plate heat exchanger, etc.

2. Plate heat transfer components

There are spiral plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, plate-fin heat exchangers, plate and shell heat exchangers, plate evaporators, plate condensers, printed circuit board heat exchangers, etc.

C.Classification by air-cooled heat exchanger:

Dry air cooler, wet air cooler, dry and wet combined air cooler, power station air cooler, surface evaporative air cooler, plate air cooler, energy recovery air cooler, natural convection air cooler, high pressure air cooler, perforated plate heat exchanger, etc. Wait