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Advantages and disadvantages of the sleeve heat exchanger

A tube heat exchanger is a type of tube heat exchanger. It is a concentric circular tube made by connecting two standard tubes of different sizes. The outer tube is called the shell side and the inner tube is called the tube side. Two different media can flow in the opposite direction (or in the same direction) in the shell and tube sides to achieve the effect of heat exchange. The sleeve heat exchanger usually consists of a shell (including the inner shell and the outer shell), a U-shaped elbow tube, a stuffing box, and the like.

The advantages of the sleeve heat exchanger are:

Simple structure and high pressure resistance;

The heat transfer area can be increased or decreased as required, and it is convenient to apply.

The disadvantages of the sleeve heat exchanger are:

There are many joints between pipes, which are easy to leak;

It covers a large area and consumes a large amount of metal per unit heat transfer surface.

The jacketed heat exchanger is a type of plate heat exchanger. It is made by installing a jacket on the outer wall of the container and has a simple structure; however, its heating surface is limited by the container wall surface and the heat transfer coefficient is not high. In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient and make the liquid in the kettle heat evenly, a stirrer can be installed in the kettle. When cooling water or a phase-free heating agent is passed into the jacket, a spiral partition or other measures to increase turbulence can also be provided in the jacket to increase the heating coefficient on the jacket side. To supplement the lack of heat transfer surface, coils can also be installed inside the kettle. Jacketed heat exchangers are widely used for heating and cooling in the reaction process.

The advantages of the jacketed heat exchanger are:

Simple structure;

Easy processing.

The disadvantages of the jacketed heat exchanger are:

The heat transfer area is small and the heat transfer efficiency is low.