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Each kind of heat exchanger is used under a certain working condition

1. Spiral plate heat exchanger

Structure: Spiral plate heat exchanger consists of two metal thin plates

It is welded on a partition plate and rolled into a spiral. During the heat exchange, the cold and hot fluids enter the two channels respectively, and carry out strict countercurrent flow in the device.

2.Plate heat exchanger

Compact structure, small footprint, small space can provide a large heat exchange area, without additional disassembly space; under the same use environment, its footprint and weight are 1/3 of other types of heat exchangers ~ 1/5.

3. Plate-fin heat exchanger

A corrugated metal fin is sandwiched between two parallel metal plates, and the two sides are sealed with side bars to form a unit body;

Each unit is stacked and properly arranged, and then fixed by brazing to form counter-current, co-current and cross-flow plate-fin heat exchanger assembly (core or plate bundle); The outlet header is welded to the plate bundle.

Features: better heat transfer effect and more compact structure.

Heat pipe heat exchanger

The two ends of a metal pipe are sealed, non-condensable gas is drawn out, and a certain amount of a certain working liquid is filled. When one end of the heat pipe is heated, the working liquid is boiled and vaporized by heat, and the generated steam flows to the cooling end to condense and release the latent heat of condensation. The condensate flows back to the heating section under capillary force along the capillary with a capillary structure to reboil again Vaporization, the working medium is repeatedly circulated in this way, and the heat is transferred from the heating end to the cooling end in the axial direction of the heat pipe.

There are many types of heat exchangers, and each kind of heat exchanger is used under a certain working condition. To this end, different types of heat exchangers should be selected according to different media, temperature, pressure, and application occasions. Economic benefits.