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The heat exchanger has compact structure and reliable operation

The floating head heat exchanger has one end plate plate fixed to the casing, and the other end tube plate can float freely inside the casing. The housing and the tube bundle are free to thermally expand, so when the temperature difference between the two media is large, no temperature difference stress is generated between the tube bundle and the casing. The floating end is designed as a detachable structure so that the tube bundle can be easily inserted or withdrawn, which facilitates inspection and cleaning. This type of heat exchanger is particularly suitable for the case where the temperature difference between the casing and the heat exchange tube is large, and the shell and tube are required to be cleaned.

The DLG type tubular heat exchanger utilizes the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation, and the flue gas exchanges energy through the tube side and the countercurrent flow through the shell side air, thereby achieving the purpose of outputting clean hot air. The heat exchanger has compact structure and reliable operation, and the tube adopts a thin wall corrugated tube with high temperature resistance to increase the heat transfer area and heat exchange efficiency. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry and other industries waste heat utilization and air heating.

The heat pipe is a high-efficiency heat transfer element whose heat conductivity is several hundred to several thousand times higher than that of metal. The heat pipe also has the characteristics of good temperature uniformity, adjustable heat flow density, and reversible heat transfer direction. The heat pipe heat exchanger is not only has the characteristics of large heat transfer, small temperature difference, light weight and small volume, and rapid heat response, but also has the advantages of convenient installation, simple maintenance, long service life, small resistance loss, and advance and discharge. The air flow path is easy to separate and does not leak.