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Principle of heat exchanger with compensation ring

Heat exchanger with compensation ring

When the fluid is heat-exchanged at high temperature, because the temperature difference between the shell and the tube bundle is too large, different thermal expansion rates are caused. The compensation ring is to eliminate this thermal stress.

Floating head heat exchanger

One end of the tube sheet at both ends is not connected to the shell and can float freely in the length of the tube. When the shell and the tube bundle cause different thermal expansion due to different temperatures, the thermal stress can be eliminated.


1) The tube bundle can be pulled out to facilitate cleaning of the tube and shell side;

2) Unlimited temperature difference between media;

3) Can work under high temperature and pressure;

4) It can be used in places with severe scaling;

5) Can be used in the corrosive environment of the pipe.


1) The small floating head is prone to internal leakage;

2) The consumption of metal materials is large, and the cost is 20% higher;

3) The structure is complicated.