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The correct selection method of plate type heat exchanger

The plate heat exchangeris widely used, and we can determine the type of the plate heat exchanger based on the different uses. In the selection of plate heat exchangers, we first consider the need to know a few parameters: the flow, temperature, pressure, and heat load of the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger. In these seven quantities, five quantities need to be known to determine the form of the heat exchanger and the plate parameters, etc.
The correct selection method of plate type heat exchanger model:
First, the selection of the heat power of plate heat exchanger: for example, 1000KW, the thermal conductivity of plate heat exchanger is determined, and the heat transfer coefficient is also divided into freon and plate exchanger itself. If the plate is changed itself, it is necessary to know the material of the plate exchange, and the related coefficient can be searched online for the "metal thermal conductivity meter".
Two, the temperature of the one side inlet and outlet ofthe plate heat exchanger:for example, the water temperature is 90 degrees, and the water temperature is 70 degrees.
Three, the two side ofthe plate heat exchangerto determine the water inlet and outlet temperature: for example: the water temperature is 60 degrees, and the water temperature is 40 degrees.
Four, the flow, in fact, is the power of the plate heat exchanger (converted into a large card) divided by the result of the water temperature difference at the first side of the heat exchanger. In fact, many manufacturers of plate heat exchanger manufacturers in the selection of the time is directly related to the software, is the type of plate heat exchanger type calculator. As long as the relevant parameters are entered into the software, the model ofthe plate heat exchangeris obtained, and it is hoped that it can help you.
Five, the heat transfer coefficient ofplate heat exchanger is calculated, mainly on both sides of the convective heat transfer coefficient, but the coefficient of convective heat transfer and flow velocity, plate spacing, fluid properties and so on are concerned, in accordance with the flow number, channel number can be calculated assuming, design and calculation of the book of the heat exchanger as example is line!
Six, the temperature of the medium is below 100 degrees. The selection of BR type, gasket and high temperature medium is the best use of full welding. The model of plate replacement can not be considered first. Since heat data is directly available, it can know how much hot water per hour is directly converted by cold water heating. After all, temperature changes know that the efficiency of plate replacement has a range value. The plate change model is out according to the flow, but it is just a piece of plate.