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HVAC Brazed Plates and Heating Equipment - An Overview

The HVAC Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers is used in thousands of commercial and residential spaces including restaurants, hospitality, offices, and healthcare facilities. The HVAC Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers has gone through an extensive series of tests, ensuring the products high performance and superior quality and meets or exceeds all requirements. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the size of your space.

The HVAC brazed plate heat exchangers provide excellent temperature control due to their adjustable temperature controls. The large temperature and humidity control to allow for a high efficiency humidifier or dehumidifier system. The unit is made with dual 12-inch air ducts, two-stage water control valves, and dual water supply lines. The faucets are fully functional and are designed for easy operation, they are enclosed with durable powder coatings to ensure that the unit's longevity. The HVAC Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers also features a low odor indicator, high-performance dual-arm water control, stainless steel fasteners and solid brass thermostats.

The fact CLSID provides two temperature ranges, high and low. This gives the ability to regulate the room temperature from low to high without worry of damaging the unit. The high-performance ceramic plates for heat exchangers help keep the room at a constant temperature for several hours at a time. The fhtema032 has a patented design, allowing it to achieve exceptionally low temperatures. The fhc032 brazed plate heat exchanger offers two speed settings, with an extra-large heat spreading plate to assist in radiant heating, and a super-fast air mixing fan.

The brazing process creates a metal wall surrounding the ceramic plate and the process seals the metal plate at the center. The fhtema032 has three speed control speeds, giving the user a choice of high temperature or low temperature operation. This unit has a unique instant on feature, enabling you to activate the fan immediately when you detect a high temperature in the room. This unit has an automatic shut off feature, protecting the unit in the event of an accidental shut-off by someone in the home. The high temperature regulating dial in the fhtoho032 also allows the unit to maintain a constant temperature, even if the power source changes.

This heating appliance comes with a dual-sided adhesive backing sheet that is used to adhere the unit to drywall or sheetrock. It also contains detailed instruction instructions for installation. There are four mounting blocks with mounting slots: three for the topmost riser, and two for the base. The base contains holes that allow you to secure the entire unit to the foundation, while the topmost ledge can be secured with screws. If you have a framed house, it is imperative that you purchase the mounting blocks that are manufactured specifically for framed houses.

The HVAC Brazed Performance Dashboard offers an informative dashboard to help improve the overall performance of your HVAC system. The dashboard displays all of the information that is critical to the operation of your system, including the core temperature, thermostatic control, energy usage, and total energy savings. This dashboard helps you to keep a complete tab on the progress of your heating system, which allows you to make any necessary changes as soon as necessary. This product has a five-year limited warranty that includes labor and material expenses.