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How to provide a large heat transfer area

Tube-and-tube heat exchangers, also known as shell-and-tube heat exchangers, are the most typical type of wall-wall heat exchangers and have a long history and occupy a leading role.

Advantages: The unit of volume equipment can provide a large heat transfer area, good heat transfer effect, solid structure, wide range of structural materials, large operational flexibility, and is widely used in large installations.

Structure: housing, tube bundle, tube sheet, baffle baffle and head. One type of fluid flows in a tube, and its stroke is called a tube path; the other type of fluid flows outside the tube, and its stroke is called a shell side. The wall surface of the tube bundle is the heat transfer surface.

Baffle baffle: To increase the flow rate of the shell-side fluid, a number of baffles are perpendicular to the bundle of tubes in the housing. The baffle plate not only prevents fluid short circuit, increases fluid flow rate, but also forces the fluid to flow through the tube bundle multiple times in a prescribed path, so that the degree of turbulence is greatly increased. Commonly used baffle baffles are rounded and disc shaped, the former is more commonly used.