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Advantages and Applicable Scope of Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchanger is a metal sheet (usually using steel or stainless steel plate) with a certain shape of the corrugated groove of the veneer, and then assembled into a single multi-chip group. In each of the two adjacent edges of the edge of the use of rubber and other materials as a rubber gasket, the formation of media channel channel. The inlet and outlet of the fluid are opened on the plate so that the two media flow in the respective chute channels and heat exchange. Because of the complex corrugated shape of the channel, the medium is low-speed inflow, but it also forms turbulence in the trench, improves the heat exchange rate, and increases the heat transfer area, which is a kind of fast and efficient heat exchange equipment.

Plate heat exchanger by the metal corrugated plate, fixed plate, the activities of plywood, plywood bolts, steel stent and other components.
Plate heat exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency, small footprint, low heat loss, simple structure, easy handling installation, easy disassembly, flexible adjustment with heat, can be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis plate, with the increase in heat can increase Plate without having to replace any equipment (such as positive displacement heat exchanger when the capacity can not meet the capacity, you must replace or increase the equipment) and so on.
Plate heat exchanger used in heating or air conditioning systems, such as for the use of hot water systems are required to set up hot water storage tanks and other equipment.