How to classify heat exchangers by purpose


As an indispensable unit equipment for the process, heat exchangers are widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, light industry, machinery, metallurgy, transportation, pharmaceutical and other engineering fields. According to statistics, in modern petrochemical enterprises, heat exchanger investment accounts for about 30% to 40% of the total investment in equipment construction; in the ammonia plant, heat exchangers account for about 40% of the total number of equipment. It can be seen that the heat exchanger has an important impact on the construction investment and economic benefits of the entire enterprise.

Classified by heat exchanger use

(1) Heater: The heater is used to heat the fluid to a desired temperature, and the heated fluid does not undergo a phase change during heating.

(2) Preheater: The preheater is used for preheating the fluid to improve the efficiency of the entire process unit.

(3) Superheater: The superheater is used to heat the saturated steam to bring it to a superheated state.

(4) Evaporator: The evaporator is used to heat the liquid and evaporate it.

(5) Reboiler: The reboiler is a special equipment for the distillation process for heating the condensed liquid to be further vaporized by heat.

(6) Cooler: The cooler is used to cool the fluid to the desired temperature.

(7) Condenser: The condenser is used to condense saturated steam to release latent heat and condense and liquefy.

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