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Plate Heat Exchanger - Are Your Businesses Financially Suitable

A plate heat exchanger is an efficient type of heat exchanger that uses metal plates in a circuit to move heat between two liquids. This inherently has a big advantage over a traditional heat exchanger in which the liquids are subjected to a smaller surface area as the plates are spread out across the surface of the plates. This means that more of the heat is conducted through the liquid and therefore allows a greater energy level in the liquid to be obtained. This is particularly important when heat is required in a hot area and then the area is cooled down rapidly. In such cases, using plate heat exchangers enables the energy change from high heat to more of a constant energy level so that temperatures do not change too much.

There are various different types of plate heat exchangers but they all have one significant benefit in common - that is that they do not need regular maintenance or even lubrication, both of which can cost money. Plate exchangers are much less likely to suffer from the failures that often plague other types of heat transfer devices, including oil heat exchangers. In addition, these devices do not tend to suffer from mechanical failures such as slag packing which is sometimes a problem with other materials which use metal plates. Plate heat exchangers tend to also have a higher efficiency rating than other heat exchangers. However, if you choose to buy your plate heat exchanger from a supplier who specialises in them, they may be able to offer you a bespoke product which would take into account the exact specifications of your business, which may save you on the cost of the product.

If you choose to install your own plate heat exchanger, you will have complete control over how much heat gets transferred between the two liquids and so will be able to set the melting point of both of the liquids to a precise temperature. The benefits of operating your equipment at a specific temperature include a reduced need for energy when processing, as well as providing a safer environment for your employees. In addition, your equipment will also be more efficient, offering you greater productivity and cost savings. These are just some of the reasons why choosing to have a plate heat exchanger installed in your workplace could save you money over alternative systems.