Heat exchanger should reliably do the work it should do


We believe that the new production lines of heat exchanger will continue to meet the stringent standards of our customers. Ideally, the heat exchanger should be something we can't forget.It should reliably do the work it should do. The concept behind the frame structure is that it makes the heat exchanger simple to turn on and off when it needs to be inspected or maintained.

However, we have heard from customers many times that some alternative solutions can serve the device, a difficult and time-consuming process New features of our next generation heat exchangers include specially developed solutions to simplify the process of opening, closing, and disassembling the repair board.

This includes gaskets, which have improved rugged design, can be better fixed on the plates, and will not fall off during cleaning and maintenance. The new parts are also designed to prevent washers from winding and can be reassembled faster.

Durable structures mean that gaskets are less risky to crack first, so customers do not need to change washers frequently. The launch of the series is planned for the next three years.Our company's full range of industrial plate heat exchangers will become part of this high-performance series.


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