Heat exchanger cleaning the most important work procedures


The first step: cleaning . In the washing tank circulating water in proportion to the configuration of the descaling detergent, cleaning the boiler descaling, according to the amount of scale to determine the cleaning cycle time and how much to add the drug, confirm the full scale of the cleaning after the transfer to the next step cleaning program .

The second step: clean water. After connecting the cleaning equipment and the boiler, clean it with clean water for 10 minutes, check the system status, if there is any leakage, and wash the floating rust at the same time.

The third step: stripping anti-corrosion cleaning. According to the proportion of circulating water in the cleaning tank by adding surface release agent and release agent, cycle cleaning 20 minutes, so that the separation of the scale and cleaning of parts, while the non-scaling of the surface of the anti-corrosion treatment to prevent cleaning cleaning Cleaning agents corrode cleaning components.

The fourth step: passivation coating process. Add passivating coating agents, passivating coating to boiler cleaning systems, prevent corrosion of pipes and components, and new rust generation.


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