Basic concepts and considerations for using plate heat exchangers


   1. plate heat exchanger plate and parts, the basic life is more than ten years, and the gasket life depends on the temperature and fluid changes. Plate heat exchanger is basically no need for any maintenance
   For users, only the following things need to be noted:
   A. are the plates and gaskets correctly selected for the first purchase of plate heat exchangers?
   B Is the two side inlet of the B. plate heat exchanger equipped with a filter?
   C. cooling water side of the tower is regularly cleaned. (the so-called cleaning, only in a fixed period of time, will be out of the water, the use of simple tools, the tower will be in the dirt removal, do not use chemicals directly into the cleaning)
   2.There are two kinds of leakage plate heat exchanger leakage: 1> - 2> said gasket damage plate perforation. The two side will exchange liquid (such as two side liquid may explode when mixed exchange, or chemical pollution and other industries, can use double plate heat exchanger)
Plate thickness: plate heat exchanger plate thickness, basically 0.4mm~0.8mm. is mainly according to work under the pressure size decision. Working pressure higher, the thickness of the plate is thick, the cost of production is higher. It is less. Users need to consider themselves demand basically by 0.5mm and 0.6mm. The plate is the most.
   Design of plate: plate design most, for the benefit of the gasket fit, so in the joint plate and gasket, with smooth surface. The design of the design of the smooth surface of the trench, often because users do not understand the heat exchanger, at the time of repair due to the use of power imbalance and excessive that caused by plate damage. Scrapped the whole heat exchanger. The plate heat exchanger maintenance smooth groove, be careful.
   Gasket: plate heat exchanger gasket will not open heat exchanger and needed to be replaced. This concept is very important. The service life of the gasket is composed of temperature, pressure and fluid to decide. I basically do not recommend users purchase gasket spare parts, unless used in steam system, or frequent replacement of the industry (such as oil industry) or suppliers not available immediately. Because no gasket properly preserved over time or aging.

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